The Warrior Bride | Book

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The Warrior Bride: Conquering the Five Demonic Spirits that War Against God's End-Time Church

These Five Insidious Spirits Have Marked You for Destruction

Does it feel as if the host of hell is aimed at preventing you from advancing, from stepping into God's destiny for your life?

They are―and their attacks are planned, plotted, and targeted by five insidious spirits hell-bent on destroying the body of Christ: Leviathan, Jezebel, Religious Spirit, Depression, and Vanity. Deployed to war against the five-fold ministry offices―apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, and evangelists―these demonic agents coordinate their attacks not just against leaders, but also against every believer who occupies these functions in any sphere of influence.

With passion and piercing insights, international prophet and bestselling author Jeremiah Johnson exposes these demonic forces and their tactics, empowering you with courage to prevail against any attack by operating as Jesus' end-time church–the Warrior Bride.

This landmark book will equip you to become spiritually armed and dangerous, giving you the tools, strategies, and weapons to:

  • Identify which evil spirit specifically wars against your unique operation in the body of Christ
  • Discern the enemy's influence and ancient strategies at work in your life
  • Overthrow every demonic attack against you
  • Advance into your divine destiny

Now it’s your turn to live on the offense, crushing the enemy's assaults every time they come against you!